Karen Group Company


To be a manufacturer and distributor of food processing products with high quality that meets the standards of the global market.



To develop various food processing products that is unique and satisfies the needs of consumers and the world class safety standard. 


             Karen Group Company Limited was founded by a group of Karen leaders in Thailand and Australia on the 11th of January 2014 at Payap University in Chiang Mai. Rev.Saw Fuad Poka (Australia), Dr.Somboon Panyakom, Mr. Apirak Sakorn, and Mr.lerpong. (Thailand) came together and began to form an idea of reuniting Karen people from all over the globe in order to help make the contribution toward the development and strengthening of Karen ethnic group and thus, has established an organization called GLOBAL KAREN NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY to support the Mission of the Gospel, Education, Mass Media, Health and Conservation of Karen culture.

There are representatives from five countries: Australia, Burma, Finland and Thailand that came and attended the meeting to plan the strategic positioning of the organization, conduct SWOT and define action plan, projects and activities of the organization. However, the company cannot move forward due to committee members living in separate areas and do not have the chance to meet together.  

On 10 February 2015, the meeting has resumed and held again to review the organization's past project and a modification of the corporate strategic plan was made as well as renaming the organization to GLOBAL KAREN DEVELOPMENT INCORPORETION. The organization got a permission to join the Global Karen.

Karen Group Limited Company was registered as a legal entity under the Civil and Commercial Code and the Ministry of Business and Trade on August 7, 2015. The Registration Number is 0505558007821 with the registered capital of one million baht and the first board members of the company are as followed;

1.Dr. Somboon Panyakom  Position President

2.Acting Sub Lt. Apirak Sakorn Position Committee

3.Mr. Sanit Wongnitisataporn Position Committee

4.Mr.Sawong Khrueawan Position Committee

5.Mr.Noah Arkaniyarn Position Committee

Board Global Karen Development Incorporation
Created by apirak sakorn